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A new celebrity Twitter beginner: David Cameron joined twitter and #askDave became an instant attraction. His profile says the account is run by him and the @conservatives team. Who thinks he will manage it himself? I’m guessing he will get the edited highlights. At least I hope he wont have time to sit and read everything himself – he wouldn’t have time to do any other work. Or maybe that is the point. The Twitter using public think it would be better if he spent his time reading faintly humorous and sometimes crude tweets rather than run the country and think up policies.

And after more than a day @David_Cameron has only issued 4 tweets to his 86,600+ followers. By tomorrow the @conservatives team will start to panic because¬†he isn’t tweeting enough ¬†and they’ll send out a few carefully considered pearls of conservative wisdom. Maybe even some replies to the #askDave fans.

I sympathise somewhat. I only opened my twitter account earlier this year and I’m still getting the hang of it. I often think of stuff to tweet. I think it is interesting, witty, amusing, profound, philosophical or just all round brilliant, but when I try to write it in 140 characters it all fizzles away and I can’t really believe anyone else will be remotely interested. Or the moment is lost. Everyone else seems to tweet in real time. Whenever I think of a dazzling, sharp comment on a radio program, the idiotic ramblings of a politician or the news reports I’m doing something else. Later is too late. In twitter time 5 minutes ago is like the stone ages.

Dave was on the TV this morning. He can talk for England. Oh yes – that’s his job. So 140 characters may be a stretch (or should that be a shrink) for him.

And Dave has made another mistake too, quickly picked up by his critics. He is only following his friends, Tory MPs and other party members. Come on Dave, you know better than that. Follow a few Twitter professionals. Find out what your enemies are up to. Or is that what @conservatives team already does for you.

I don’t hold with the tweeted crude insults and bad language. There’s no call for it and it undermines real criticism. Call me old fashioned but I think that bad language addressed directly to anyone reflects straight back to the person using it. But I’m sure Dave is thick skinned to ignore it all. I just hope his young children don’t see it, they still deserve the myth of a superstar Dad – they’ll grow up soon enough.

I am unlikely to vote for the conservatives, and I’m not a fan of David Cameron, but if he can master Twitter and use it to become a real person rather that the remote and distant person he seems to be now, if he can communicate directly with “ordinary” people and show some personality and openness (not that phoney political openness) it might do him a lot of good. But if he can’t ….

Well Dave, you know that people prefer politicians who can communicate with more than just words. There is no point saying “I passionately believe” unless you sound the part. Either get real or take acting lessons. Listen to the interview between Evan Davis and Ed Milliband last Wednesday and listen to real passion by both of them. They both threw the script out of the window and Evan got Ed to talk with real conviction.

In the meantime enjoy twitter and welcome to the community of on line Twits … er that doesn’t sound right. What are people who tweet called again?

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