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January 31, 2020
by Liz
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Time to step up and fight for the honour of our country

There may well have been benefits to trade arrangements and the economy, and we at school learned all about VAT, but joining a peaceful and co-operative community with Germany was something they had never dared dream of in their youth. Continue reading

June 17, 2019
by Liz
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Proudly British, Proudly European

Anyone campaigning for People’s Vote or the Pro-EU parties in the recent elections is almost certain to have been called unpatriotic, lacking faith in Britain or in more extreme cases, a traitor. Of course I disagree. I believe that attempting … Continue reading

June 1, 2019
by Liz
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Better Writing

Every summer the running club of which I am a member organises and stages a series of off-road/multi-terrain races in and around the picturesque North Staffordshire countryside. Our Summer Series is extremely popular and known for its venues, friendliness and … Continue reading

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